Saral Satya Legacy

Senior Citizen Home

A Family Serving Family

Saral Satya Legacy, envisioned by DS Group is a place which is the first page in a new book.

We’re more than simply a place to reside, we’re an all-inclusive community you can call home. Designed for active seniors, we’ll take care of all your needs and more! An unparalleled facility offering unparalleled services. Saral Satya is the metaphor of care infused with luxury. With superior quality, the only benchmark, we stand apart as a space which is a home away from home. 


Years of Community Service



Senior Living Communities

Our extensive network of senior living communities and home care providers ensures more personalized options for you to choose from



Families Helped

Our mission is to empower you with the best information and tools to make the right decision for your loved one options for you to choose from

the Difference

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Your way of life

We offer support to live each day to the fullest in your own unique way.

Senior couple

Stay Connected

You are always in touch with your loved ones, whether they are in or across town. We help you deepen and cherish those relationships.

Old age friends


We, as a community, offer a plethora of opportunities to make new connections, volunteer, and help you begin the second innings of your career.

Old Age man sitting on rocking chair

Comfort & Safety

We offer an accommodating environment promoting friendship, choice, comfort, and safety.

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Live Inspired

You feel empowered when you are doing what you love. We, as a community, encourage our residents to follow their passion and discover new interests. 

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Relish the taste

We are serving fresh, nutritious, and flavorful menus catering to your liking and preferences by our in-house chefs.

History & mission


Senior care slowly shifts from reactive care to proactive wellness, and a new interest in independent living and memory support emerges.

2001 -2007

A new CEO and the board of directors create a strategic plan to establish a retirement community that would ensure a higher level of quality


The board of directors approves the development of The Midtown Park.


The Midtown Park campus opens, offering a full continuum of care and luxury accommodations.

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elderly care team- saral satya legacy

We’re here
to help

There’s something so engaging about pursuing the things that matter. It’s staying active, curious, and mindful to choose and try something new and nurturing your mental, emotional, and physical well-being so you can take on each day and make an impact. Life is about thinking positively, expressing yourself, living to the fullest, and being present. Our team will ensure that the time spent at Saral Satya is simply the best.