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Saral Satya Legacy Long Term Stay Plan

Saral Satya Legacy offers long-term stays for more than one year. Join us to relax, refresh, and enjoy our amenities, hospitality, and ambiance.

Senior Living home

This is the period of life where people choose to reside in our facility for the remainder of their lives. Many people have children who reside abroad or with them, but they prefer to live independently in a setting where they do not have to worry about daily household chores or medical emergencies. Additionally, there are people who travel frequently and do not want their parents to rely on daily house help workers. In such cases, they opt for our facility where their parents can stay for the rest of their lives.

By choosing to live in our facility, you can enjoy a safe and secure living environment. Our facility is equipped with all the necessary amenities and services, including medical care, security, and assistance with daily tasks. This provides a sense of comfort and peace of mind for both you and your families.

Services & Amenities

We offer a community that’s all about service, elegant surroundings, and social engagement.

What you get

Discover all the comforts, amenities and services you’re looking for.

Your way of life

We offer support to live each day to the fullest in your own unique way.

Stay Connected

You are always in touch with your loved ones, whether they are in or across town. We help you deepen and cherish those relationships.


We, as a community, offer a plethora of opportunities to make new connections, volunteer, and help you begin the second innings of your career.

Comfort & Safety

We offer an accommodating environment promoting friendship, choice, comfort, and safety.

Live Inspired

You feel empowered when you are doing what you love. We, as a community, encourage our residents to follow their passion and discover new interests.

Relish the taste

We are serving fresh, nutritious, and flavorful menus catering to your liking and preferences by our in-house chefs.

Frequently asked questions

Saral Satya Legacy offers long-term stays for more than one year. Join us to relax, refresh, and enjoy our amenities, hospitality, and ambiance.

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We provide unparalleled services to you so you can live with remarkable comfort and the ability to lead a meaningful life. Click here to explore our services and amenities.

To schedule a visit to our facility, please book through our website. After your visit, you will receive an application form that you must complete and submit along with the necessary documents. Our screening committee will then carefully review and verify the documents, and you will be required to undergo a medical examination. Once your medical examination is cleared, you may choose your preferred apartment. A refundable security deposit (75%) must be deposited and a residency agreement between you and Saral Satya Legacy must be signed before checking in. Once all these formalities are completed, you may check-in.

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