Saral Satya Legacy

senior living homes

2 BHK Superior Apartment

A two-bedroom premium property outfitted with splendid amenities. You will be welcomed by a lavish living and dining space. A place equipped with a wonderful green terrace and two wide balconies.

2 BHK Deluxe Apartment

A luxury two-bedroom home with a spacious layout and premium amenities. A residence equipped with modern fixtures and appliances offering convenience and hassle-free living experience. 

senior living apartments
senior citizen living room

1 BHK Deluxe Apartment

A premium one-bedroom residence offering high-end amenities, finishes, spacious and well-appointed living spaces. A place crafted with contemporary details and prime features.

1 BHK Studio Apartment

A high-end and lavish one-bedroom apartment including up-scale amenities and services, well-equipped rooms and access to both – comfort and elegance.

senior citizen living homes
retirement homes bedroom

Standard Apartment

A premium 1RK apartment with luxurious amenities and comfort offering convenience and delightful living experience.