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Independent senior living is a type of housing designed for adults who are of the age 55 years and above and capable of living independently but want the convenience and socialization opportunities that come with living in a community of their peers. Our Independent living community offers a range of amenities and services, such as housekeeping, maintenance, transportation, social activities, dining and recreational facilities. Residents in independent senior living communities have the freedom to come and go as they please, and they are responsible for their own medication management and personal care. It is designed to provide a supportive and engaging environment that allows older adults to maintain an active and independent lifestyle.

On the other hand old age homes are usually charity organizations with bare minimum support services, smaller living spaces and not run professionally. Usually older adults who are neglected or not supported financially live with someone’s sponsorship or with bare minimum fee.

You are welcome to maintain your car, we have ample parking space provided in the basement,

No, but at same time visitor must understand it’s a senior living facility. Adults over 55 may sleep little early in the night. We have an open-door policy. We encourage family members to visit as often as possible maintaining tranquillity of the space.

Each resident has a suite/studio/club apartment with a private washroom as well as a private balcony.  Each room is furnished with a king/queen size bed and side tables, study table & chair. Additionally, there is a LED TV, wardrobe, air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, small kitchenette with basic crockery, cutlery & tea kettle, safe locker and ample of storage.

Yes, your family member can stay with you during holidays. However, 1 bedroom apartment can accommodate only two persons at a time. If you are a couple and your children come to visit you and want to stay in the facility for some days you are required to book another apartment for guests on availability.

We have AGM who is qualified and experienced in hospitality, Technically qualified experienced support team, qualified nurse, qualified visiting doctor and physio, and other staff. Depending upon requirement we employ certified caregivers (GDA). Since senior living industry does not have any formal training in India, we have internal ongoing training system in which all staff members are trained about nuances of senior living.

The purpose of activities at Saral Satya Legacy is to keep residents engaged in meaningful activities. We have a common activity calendar comprising of various activities in the following categories:

  • Wellness and preventive health activities like Yoga, group physiotherapy etc.
  • Art and craft activities.
  • Indoor and outdoor sports activities like TT, Carrom tournaments.
  • Cultural activities like dance, singing, performing arts.
  • Cognitive activities like brain gym.
  • Fun activities like antakshari, tombola, movies.
  • Picnics and tours.
  • Spiritual activities like meditation.
  • Celebrations like Diwali, birthdays, Independence day etc.

You are welcome to bring your furniture subject to approval by management to see safety and suitability.

No, we have lease rented option only.

We have a customize plan which can be done after your visit understanding your needs.

No, this option is not available.

we have a customise pricing for our residents. Our pricing depends aspects like: (a) Duration of stay you opt for: Short term or Long term (b) Levels of care required (c) Type of room: Suite, Studio, Club or Semi Paid (d) Kind of room occupancy, Single occupancy is when one senior resides in their room. Double occupancy is when two related seniors share one room (e.g., husband & wife, siblings). While stay period between 1months to 12 month is considered short term, resident check-in with agreement is considered a long term sign up. We have 5 kinds of rooms that you can choose from.

Book a visit on our website, then you can visit the facility. After visit we will provide you an application for which you need to fill and submit to us along with the document asked. Once form is submitted a screening committee will scrutinise the document & verify if required. After that person will go through a medical examination. After medical examination is cleared you can select your choice of apartment. After selection of apartment you need to deposit refundable security deposit (75%) and sign the residency agreement between you and Saral Satya Legacy. Once all the above formalities are completed you can check-in.

Security deposit depends upon type of apartment you have selected.

We will be sending you monthly bill on 1st of every month. After receiving bill, you need to make payment by 7th of the same month. Mode can be cheque or bank transfer like RTGS, NEFT, IMPS.

First let us assure you that there will be no reason of unhappiness. Saral Satya Legacy assures and always strives to make improvements to provide the best care to their residents. We encourage your inputs to make Saral Satya Legacy, a better place for your loved one. Even after discussions and trials, one still feels to opt-out of Saral Satya Legacy, then it is requested to serve the notice period as per contract.

While our efforts will be to keep costs to the best possible, there may be revision required every year to meet inflation, salary revisions, minimum wages revisions etc.

Yes, you can stay in your apartment whenever you wish to and go out of the facility as per you desire. Fixed monthly charges need to pay even if you are out of the facility.

No, as per our policy own domestic help is not allowed as some time it’s difficult to manage the decorum of the facility.

No, for the convenience of other residents, we have no pet policy.

No, we are open for both couple & single. Even siblings can also stay.

You are welcome to host personal parties at SSL. We have a banquet hall available for per booking.

No, its an active senior living for citizens.

Yes, we have a senior friendly gym with a physical trainer on site.


We have fixed timing for kitchen. It operates from 7am to 10 pm.

Yes, room service facility is available.

We serve Indian, Continental & Oriented Cuisine food which include beverage, snacks, fruits, main course, dessert. We also have a customise food as per medical restriction of the resident.

Any special food ordered out of the menu of the day is charged. We do a lot of customization in daily menu, but still if somebody needs any specific food will be on chargeable basis.

Though our in house kitchen is Vegetarian, we have arrangements wherein we get Non-Veg from a certified kitchen.One can order from designated vendors and have non veg in their respective rooms also.


From a medical standpoint, Saral Satya Legacy’s team of experts (Doctor + Physiotherapist + Nurse) will be involved in an initial medical assessment. Along with this, you will be required to share and disclose aspects of medical history, diagnoses and reports. This will help us in better managing your health and well-being.

Yes, of course. Our meals are designed under the guidance of nutritionists and dieticians. They ensure that each day’s meals remain balanced, healthy and nutritive. This is done keeping in mind that diabetes, hypertension, and the risk for developing them is common in older age. Any specific requirements can be accommodating on a case to case basis.

Our health care facilities include:

  • 24×7 trained nurses available on location
  • Medications, basic health checks are under the care of nurses
  • Medical Centre equipped with all basic supplies
  • A visiting doctor, available in pre specified timings
  • Physiotherapy room with in house physiotherapist
  • Emergency Protocols & Emergency Handling
  • Ambulance on location
  • Fitness and exercise areas and classes.

Apart from this, at Saral Satya Legacy, we will also arrange health discussion and talks. We also have a gym and walking track for seniors. We also hold yoga and other exercise classes on a regular basis.

Your medical records will be kept safely with us with discretion of access. Only medical team and GM will have need-based access to such records. 

Saral Satya Legacy believes in holistic care that surpasses fulfilment of basic physiological needs. We create an atmosphere of trust, compassion, and unconditional positive regard for each member of our family.

Saral Satya Legacy’s care goes beyond everyday basic needs such as daily meals, laundry, and housekeeping. It includes medical care such as basic health checks, medication administration by nurses, and doctor visits. We go even beyond medical care to include holistic well-being by integrating activities and programs for varied needs. Specialised activities support socialization and engagement for elders’ mental well-being.

Each room at Saral Satya Legacy has an emergency Call Button beside bedside & washroom. There is a floor attendant on every floor and we also have a medical Centre. This ensures that when an elder is in need of immediate medical attention, it is met with in a timely and urgent manner.

Yes. We periodically assess the elder and keep track of each resident’s changing needs. We ensure that the changing needs are incorporated into the elder’s care plan. This is also discussed and communicated with the resident and their family.

Service fee includes nursing services such as basic medical health checks, medication administration and supervision. The cost of medications, outsources health checks and hospital and other medical expenses are not included.

Yes. We do vital check-up 3 times a day of the Residents. These vitals are collated and can be assessed by designated family persons on a regular basis. Apart from this we would also be checking periodically various parameters like sugar, Lipid profile etc.


We have a very high-level of manned security, as well as electronic surveillance by CCTVs, is provided 24x7x365. Emergency ‘Call-Points’ are installed in all living units, washrooms and bedroom. The entire facility is gated with a single 24×7 manned entry/exit point. We also have floor attendant station on each floor.

No, you are free to go out anytime you feel like. We only ask for the details where are you going? With whom & when will you be back.

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